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Savoury Flapjacks (another Gluten Free One!)

So most of my readers know my Mother In Law is called Stan, that is only to me! I was going through a pile of magazines that she has and found a booklet from Age UK with this recipe in it.

Stan thought it would be nice if I cooked it for her, well she needn’t think that just cause she says I will do. So the tables are turned and she is going to cook it for me. News to her is that she is going to be filmed doing it, so its her hands not mine in the video!  Please do watch the video to the end as we had a real laugh doing this and it shows! Continue reading

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Hazelnut Dacquoise (Gluten Free Recipe)

On Saturday we had my Parents and my Brother and Sister in Law over for lunch, so a real family get-together. We had Lamb for the main course, but naturally I had to push the boat out for pudding and I found a Great British Bake Off recipe for Hazelnut Dacquoise.

Originally the recipe came from the doyen of cookery writing Mary Berry. Her original recipe called for a layer of Chocolate Ganache, by the look of the recipe this is a step too far. The Chocolate would also mean that Mother of Mine could not eat it… so it had to go. I have also added a Hazelnut Brittle for decoration; its slight bitter taste compliments the rich cream. Continue reading

Murdered Mouse Pâté

My friend Janine had a birthday party and I thought I’d make something to take to the party. But she’s not fond of sugar, I know can you imagine? So I thought I’d use my Chicken Liver Pâté recipe and give it a little twist with the use of some sugar mouse moulds.

I’m serving the Murdered Mouses with crispbreads. I have coloured the dough with a little turmeric to give it a cheese colour and then made slices of cheese by adding holes before baking to resemble Swiss cheese. Continue reading

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Chocolate And Ginger Tart

Erik is the Secretary of our Choir and last Sunday we had a rehearsal just down the road from our house. Marc, the Musical Director of our Choir and Erik decided that post-rehearsal they would have a meeting, so naturally my thoughts turned to what were we going to have to eat? Continue reading

Valentine’s Sable Biscuit Recipe

Valentine’s Sable Biscuit Recipe (or Cookies for my US readers!).

Hello folks, long time no blog… Thank you for your messages asking if I was still there… we were having a new kitchen fitted and it took quite some time and it is beautiful, we are very lucky. Then Christmas was upon us and life got in the way, now a more normal life has been resumed and I’m happy to be back with a Valentine’s Blog.
Continue reading

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Bleeding Sore Halloween Eyes

Ommetaphobia is the fear of eyes, a lot of people are squeamish about them so I thought I’d plug into that for my Halloween blog. These are tasty white chocolate sweets filled with a liquid raspberry centre. As you press your fork through then the raspberry juice oozes out and your eyes bleed. No wonder people have eye phobias.

This Halloween pudding looks complicated, but trust me it is not, rather it is smart. The bleeding part of the eyes, a liquid raspberry centre is inserted frozen into the jelly. The desert is served at room temperature and so when cut into the raspberry blood oozes out making it gruesomely good for Halloween. I am using professional moulds to make this but you can get away with a thin layer of raspberry purée in the bottom of an ice cube tray. Any half-sphere desert dishes, cup measures or even the tops from some of the M&S pre-packaged sweets would do. Continue reading

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Diamond Anniversary Cake

mum and dadWay, way back in the mists of time my lovely parents were married, 8 September 1956 to be precise. Those of you adroit at maths will have worked out that this was 60 years ago, so this blog is about the Diamond Anniversary Cake I made for a party that my brother was hosting.

Now lets not get over emotional here, but I do need to say that my almost 30 glorious years with Erik is put in the shade by their 60 years. Mum and Dad must have had their ups and downs, but they never let it show. If we have a marriage like theirs in 30 years time then I’d be very proud. Continue reading