Valentine’s Sable Biscuit Recipe

Valentine’s Sable Biscuit Recipe (or Cookies for my US readers!).

Hello folks, long time no blog… Thank you for your messages asking if I was still there… we were having a new kitchen fitted and it took quite some time and it is beautiful, we are very lucky. Then Christmas was upon us and life got in the way, now a more normal life has been resumed and I’m happy to be back with a Valentine’s Blog.

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halloween bleeding eyes featured image

Bleeding Sore Halloween Eyes

Ommetaphobia is the fear of eyes, a lot of people are squeamish about them so I thought I’d plug into that for my Halloween blog. These are tasty white chocolate sweets filled with a liquid raspberry centre. As you press your fork through then the raspberry juice oozes out and your eyes bleed. No wonder people have eye phobias.

This Halloween pudding looks complicated, but trust me it is not, rather it is smart. The bleeding part of the eyes, a liquid raspberry centre is inserted frozen into the jelly. The desert is served at room temperature and so when cut into the raspberry blood oozes out making it gruesomely good for Halloween. I am using professional moulds to make this but you can get away with a thin layer of raspberry purée in the bottom of an ice cube tray. Any half-sphere desert dishes, cup measures or even the tops from some of the M&S pre-packaged sweets would do. Continue reading

diamond cake featured image

Diamond Anniversary Cake

mum and dadWay, way back in the mists of time my lovely parents were married, 8 September 1956 to be precise. Those of you adroit at maths will have worked out that this was 60 years ago, so this blog is about the Diamond Anniversary Cake I made for a party that my brother was hosting.

Now lets not get over emotional here, but I do need to say that my almost 30 glorious years with Erik is put in the shade by their 60 years. Mum and Dad must have had their ups and downs, but they never let it show. If we have a marriage like theirs in 30 years time then I’d be very proud. Continue reading

lemon polenta gluten free cake featured image

Gluten Free Lemon Polenta Cake

Every now and then Erik hosts a committee meeting for our choir.  He has signed up to be the Secretary for the choir and when he is the host I feel honour bound to bake something, however, I’d just like to point out that this is not a tradition and it will not be happening every time.

All said and done I do have to take into consideration that one of the members of the committee is a celiac sufferer, so something gluten free is called for.  Now I’ve had gluten free lemon drizzle cake and it was nice but a bit rubble-like.  Just because someone has a condition I’d like to offer him something nice, rather than increase their suffering with cake-less cake! Continue reading

guinness cake featured image

Chocolate Guinness Cake

Wait for it… Stan (as my readers will know, that’s my Mother-In-Law) has only gone and turned 80 flippin 9!  I know 89!  What does a Guinness drinking birthday girl need other than a Chocolate Guinness Cake.

The finished cake is uber-moist, the Chocolate Guinness combo makes this velvety dark and chocolaty rich.  The whipped cream cheese topping represents the head on the pint of Guinness and is sweet, but not over the top.

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Cholate Penutbutter Whoopie Featured Image

Chocolate Peanut Butter Whoopie Pies

This is a re-working of a previous post, for Amy and Sorana, two friends of mine who I thought would enjoy Chocolate Peanut Butter Whoopie Pies!

My post ‘Making Whoopie’ a few weeks ago was a great success, one of my followers who works with me (a very talented graphic designer – a whiz with images by the name of Sorana) made them but did not have enough marshmallow cream to go around. Just to be clear, melt the marshmallows with the white chocolate and milk. Put this aside to set and go completely cold. Because if you try to whisk in the butter before it is set then you’ll not get the lightness and the increase in volume.
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macaroon de nancy featured image

Macaroon de Nancy

These are Macaroon De Nancy, not what you would normally think of as a Macaroon, non-the less I love them. They have a distinctive almond flavour and if you get the cooking just right you end up with a cookie like item with a centre that is almost marzipan.

This is another dish that benefits from not being too sweet. Do please give it a go, I really hope you like Macaroons De Nancy! Apparently the recipe is a well-guarded secret, so I hope that if I publish this blog I don’t wake up surrounded by a gang of irate French bakers! Continue reading