chocolate bombe with mirror glaze featured

Chocolate Mousse Bombe With Mirror Glaze

Ok so I’m falling prey to fads, but the fashion for mirror glazes has not passed me by. So her we go with my Chocolate Mousse Bombe With Mirror Glaze.

I have chosen a mango glaze over a chocolate item; this will make the chocolate shine without turning it yellow. Using this same glaze over white chocolate or cheesecake would give you a very vivid yellow colour.
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Matcha Green Tea Buiscuits featured image

Matcha Green Tea With Chocolate Biscuits Recipe

There are flavours that come and go, just as fashions in other spheres. Currently there is a vogue for Matcha Green Tea, Yuzu and Coriander this post uses Matcha, this gives finished products a grassy, hoppy taste, unusual and distinctive.
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mark a great student

Sea Salt Caramel Meringues

I have to encourage people trying to bake and my friend Mark, a fellow Baritone from our Chorus posted a picture of his first attempt at making Meringues, it didn’t go well. I invited him over to my house and we made meringues together. I have to say he is a Grade A student!

I am no expert, I have failures from time to time – however I do have a list of hints and tips that help when making meringues. Continue reading

macaron de nancy featured image

Macaron de Nancy (Gluten Free) Recipe Revisited

People who know me well often ask where do you get your stunning good looks from? Well this picture is the answer. My darling Mother was 81 last weekend, she doesn’t look like it – so we cut her in half and counted the rings and 81 she is!

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reeses peanutbutter cups featured image

Grown up Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or Peanut Butter Chocolates

I do love Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, but the chocolate is not tempered and although utterly delicious they are a little sweet. My chocolates are tempered so they have a great shine and snap. My peanut butter filling is a ganache, with flakes of sea salt and cayenne chilli powder – mummmm.
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chocolate ruffle cake decoration featured image

Chocolate Ruffle Cake Decoration

Last weekend Erik and I were On Stage with our friends and colleagues of the Brighton’s Gay Mens Chorus and it was also our MD’s birthday. Vaughn, the Choir Chairman asked me to make a cake to be presented to him on stage, I know Marc likes a bit of chocolate so I decided to make a long cake and decorate it with chocolate ruffles.

This blog is mainly about the decoration, a stunningly smart technique that looks spectacular. It is a little fiddly, but once mastered you can use it to impress with not much effort. Continue reading

cut chocolate

Fresh Mango Chocolates (Gluten Free)

I have been asked by several of my blog followers about the making of chocolates. So here goes with Fresh Mango Chocolates.

I intend showing you several ways of making chocolates. Some using moulds, some using pre-formed chocolate shells and others that you can make just by using your hands with no special equipment.  This one uses pre-moulded shells as the mango filling is quite liquid. Continue reading

Raspberry Meringue Nests featured image

Raspberry Meringue Nests (Gluten Free)

I made this last Bank Holiday as it was Easter and the parents were visiting, so pudding was called for. Easter Eggs are a non-starter as my mother cannot eat chocolate… I know; can you imagine?!?

So here we go with Raspberry Meringue Nests, a little cream, meringue and fresh fruit, what’s not to like? Continue reading

Savoury Flapjacks featured image

Savoury Flapjacks (another Gluten Free One!)

So most of my readers know my Mother In Law is called Stan, that is only to me! I was going through a pile of magazines that she has and found a booklet from Age UK with this recipe in it.

Stan thought it would be nice if I cooked it for her, well she needn’t think that just cause she says I will do. So the tables are turned and she is going to cook it for me. News to her is that she is going to be filmed doing it, so its her hands not mine in the video!  Please do watch the video to the end as we had a real laugh doing this and it shows! Continue reading

Hazelnut Dacquoise fetured image

Hazelnut Dacquoise (Gluten Free Recipe)

On Saturday we had my Parents and my Brother and Sister in Law over for lunch, so a real family get-together. We had Lamb for the main course, but naturally I had to push the boat out for pudding and I found a Great British Bake Off recipe for Hazelnut Dacquoise.

Originally the recipe came from the doyen of cookery writing Mary Berry. Her original recipe called for a layer of Chocolate Ganache, by the look of the recipe this is a step too far. The Chocolate would also mean that Mother of Mine could not eat it… so it had to go. I have also added a Hazelnut Brittle for decoration; its slight bitter taste compliments the rich cream. Continue reading