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Valentine’s Sable Biscuit Recipe

Valentine’s Sable Biscuit Recipe (or Cookies for my US readers!). Hello folks, long time no blog… Thank you for your messages asking if I was still there… we were having a new kitchen fitted and it took quite some time and it is beautiful, we are very lucky. Then Christmas was upon us and life got in the way, now…

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Macaroon de Nancy

These are Macaroon De Nancy, not what you would normally think of as a Macaroon, non-the less I love them. They have a distinctive almond flavour and if you get the cooking just right you end up with a cookie like item with a centre that is almost marzipan. This is another dish that benefits from not being too sweet.…

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Viennese Whirls

Tonight we see the arrival of episode 2 of The Great British Bake Off 2016 and for the Biscuit week the technical challenge is Viennese Whirls! Helping you to fully understand my life you’ll need to have been introduced to my father, a wonderful man now in his 80’s, his mastery of malapropisms is second to none.  I was raised…

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