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chocolate bombe with mirror glaze featured

Chocolate Mousse Bombe With Mirror Glaze

Ok so I’m falling prey to fads, but the fashion for mirror glazes has not passed me by. So her we go with my Chocolate Mousse Bombe With Mirror Glaze. I have chosen a mango glaze over a chocolate item; this will make the chocolate shine without turning it yellow. Using this same glaze over white chocolate or cheesecake would…

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mark a great student

Sea Salt Caramel Meringues

I have to encourage people trying to bake and my friend Mark, a fellow Baritone from our Chorus posted a picture of his first attempt at making Meringues, it didn’t go well. I invited him over to my house and we made meringues together. I have to say he is a Grade A student! I am no expert, I have…

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Raspberry Meringue Nests featured image

Raspberry Meringue Nests (Gluten Free)

I made this last Bank Holiday as it was Easter and the parents were visiting, so pudding was called for. Easter Eggs are a non-starter as my mother cannot eat chocolate… I know; can you imagine?!? So here we go with Raspberry Meringue Nests, a little cream, meringue and fresh fruit, what’s not to like?

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Hazelnut Dacquoise fetured image

Hazelnut Dacquoise (Gluten Free Recipe)

On Saturday we had my Parents and my Brother and Sister in Law over for lunch, so a real family get-together. We had Lamb for the main course, but naturally I had to push the boat out for pudding and I found a Great British Bake Off recipe for Hazelnut Dacquoise. Originally the recipe came from the doyen of cookery…

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Chocolate Ginger Tart featured image

Chocolate And Ginger Tart

Erik is the Secretary of our Choir and last Sunday we had a rehearsal just down the road from our house. Marc, the Musical Director of our Choir and Erik decided that post-rehearsal they would have a meeting, so naturally my thoughts turned to what were we going to have to eat?

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halloween bleeding eyes featured image

Bleeding Sore Halloween Eyes

Ommetaphobia is the fear of eyes, a lot of people are squeamish about them so I thought I’d plug into that for my Halloween blog. These are tasty white chocolate sweets filled with a liquid raspberry centre. As you press your fork through then the raspberry juice oozes out and your eyes bleed. No wonder people have eye phobias. This…

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Cholate Penutbutter Whoopie Featured Image

Chocolate Peanut Butter Whoopie Pies

This is a re-working of a previous post, for Amy and Sorana, two friends of mine who I thought would enjoy Chocolate Peanut Butter Whoopie Pies! My post ‘Making Whoopie’ a few weeks ago was a great success, one of my followers who works with me (a very talented graphic designer – a whiz with images by the name of…

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