Christmas Pudding Chocolates
These are my Christmas Pudding Chocolates. Milk chocolate with raisins, white chocolate with cranberries and dark chocolate with orange. Great gifts for the holidays.
  1. Start off with tempered chocolate and tip it all over the surface of your mould. You’ll need to tap the mould on the work surface to get the bubbles out.
  2. Here comes the messy bit, take the mould and turn it over – yes face down. The molten chocolate will run out (this is a good thing, don’t blow a gasket). Scrape the face of the mould clean and then leave it to set face down on baking parchment.
  3. Make the filling, take some of your molten chocolate and add rice krispies, chopped candied orange peel and a couple of drops of orange oil and then pop little nuggets of this mixture into the vacant chocolate shells (still in their moulds).
  4. Add a finishing layer of melted chocolate to ‘close off’ the backs of your chocolates. Scrape the face of the mould clean and then pop these into the fridge for 5 mins to set completely.
  5. Tip the set chocolates out onto a tray, try not to handle them too much, you don’t want to take their natural shine away.
  6. Repeat the above steps with milk and white chocolate with different fillings, if you whish you could use the same filling in all of them.
  7. You will then end up with lots of half-sphere chocolates. You need to join two chocolates together to make the full pudding shape, take a frying pan and warm it up on the stove, not hot… just warm. Drop 2 chocolates flat side down for a few seconds ONLY. Stick the two flat surfaces back together and bingo you have your pudding shape. I pop mine back into the mould to set so they don’t roll all over the place.
  8. With a little white chocolate in a piping bag drizzle over a decoration to represent the sauce on the top of your Christmas pudding and add a sugar berry or two along with holly leaves.