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Breakfast Picnic

So Erik chirps up, ‘Why don’t you do a breakfast picnic for your blog, I’d love that’. In so many things Erik’s word is my bond so I had to make it so. He is working from home today and tomorrow – so I’ll get this set so we can have breakfast on the beach tomorrow morning.  Little does Erik know, but picnics hold a special place in my heart. My Mother, (provider of one of the best childhoods on the planet) used to lay on a super picnics – or ‘pink knickers’ as they were know in my house.  She did not need a reason other than it was fun. The great food tasted even better when eaten alfresco. If the weather was bad the food would be spread out, on a blanket, under the dining table, very fond memories! Let’s hope this will become a fond memory for Erik.

Breakfast picnic keyTo make my Breakfast Picnic you will need

  • 1 Marmalade Twists
  • 2 Yoghurt and Berries
  • 3 Orange Juice
  • 4 Breakfast Buns
  • 5 Coffee
  • 6 Champers!
  • A nice basket to pack it in

1 Marmalade TwistsMarmalade Twist

Put the oven on 200 degrees and prepare the marmalade twists. The ready-rolled pastry I buy comes as an oblong sheet, I recently made a Chorizo Pie Recipe and trimmed the oblong to make it square – I’m using just the trimmed bit for these twists, but if you are making a picnic for more people (or a greedy couple) than use a whole sheet.

marmalde twist finishedRoll the pastry until it is half its original thickness and then smear marmalade onto the pastry. I’m using a cumquat marmalade made buy my mother-in-law 10 years ago – its black with age and has a great bitter-sweet taste. Fold the pastry in half lengthways and press together. Then twist the ends – put this in the oven until golden brown (keep an eye on this as the sugar in the marmalade may catch and give a burned taste). Leave on a rack to cool.

2 Yoghurt and Berries

youghurtWhen you are out shopping look for good quality yoghurt, if you like sharper tastes then go for natural yoghurt –but I have selected a strawberry one in a small plain pot.  These pots look nice in a dish – once you remove the foil covering they are not covered in printing. You could use a large pot and spoon it out into serving dishes at the picnic. Then scatter a lunch-pack sized pot of ready to eat berries. Job done!

3 Orange Juice

orange juice bottlesThe orange juice is always best freshly squeezed, you can buy really good quality juices from all of the supermarkets.  Personally I’d avoid anything made from concentrate.

I have chosen to serve my juice in tiny milk bottles (like the ones we used to get our school milk in – opps showing my age here); these are really good as they have a low centre of gravity and do not tend to spill over too readily.

4 Breakfast Buns

breakfast bunI prep the mixture for these the night before. For two buns hard-boil 3 eggs and quickly cool under cold water (otherwise the outside of the yoke goes black and sulphur-smelly). Slice up the eggs and mix with mayonnaise and a little pepper – no salt as there is enough in the bacon. Cut the top off two rolls and pull out the bread inside – once you have taken the marmalade twists out of the oven pop the bread-shell in as the oven cools to crisp up. Simply spoon the egg mixture into the shells and decorate with strips of crispy bacon.

5 Coffee

Make up a flask of coffee or tea, Erik has a penchant for coffee and takes it black – so I’m forgoing milk and sugar as we need to eat and he has to get to his desk before 8am today,  However as I prepair this he is already at his desk.  When he ‘works from home’ he really works – he starts before he’d normally leave to get on the train and I have to crowbar his hands off the work computer at the end of the day.

6 Champers!

verve handbagAs soon as I got up I put a bottle of Veuve Clicquot in the freezer, by the time I have everything else ready it is cooled perfectly. We have a neoprene, insulated handbag for our Champers; it has spaces for two glasses. What do you mean you don’t have a Champaign Handbag; honestly you need to keep your standards up! Erik loved the idea of a glass of bubbly, but very firmly turned it down – he has to work!

That said and done if anyone from Veuve Clicquot! is reading (you never know!)…. I’d be very happy to have my blog sponsored by Veuve Clicquot! All the same the bottle shown remains unopened.

packed breakfast picnicPack all the pieces into a nice basket with crockery. I need a list here, I make a note of the food and drink, then I find the right things to serve each item in and the cutlery required, finally check you have sugar, salt, pepper or whatever you think you may need. Tick each item off as you pack, take a rug and breakfast is served!

Breakfast picnic finished



  • Arlene 13th June 2015 at 2:54 pm

    That looks absolutely perfect. I’m at a loss how to create the seaside view in Bedfordshire though???

    • Mark 15th June 2015 at 8:59 am

      Yes it is a great view, but you could substitute a view of a manor house!

  • Mark 14th June 2015 at 9:09 am

    Nancy, one of my subscribers from California emailed asking ‘what type pf pastry is used for the marmalade twists?”. The pastry I had left over was ready rolled puff pastry (chilled not frozen). She suggests refrigerated crescent rolls (look up Pillsbury). The crescent roll dough is fabulous because it is vegan, and her son is of that persuasion.

  • Tottie from Tooting 14th June 2015 at 9:46 pm

    What a lovely idea! You could substitute some kind of salty fish for the bacon – perhaps smoked haddock or smoked salmon – for people who don’t eat meat……

  • Mark 15th June 2015 at 9:00 am

    Great idea Gill, thanks for that. mx


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