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Candied Peppers With Chilli Recipe

It has been said before that I’m a bit weird and this recipe reinforces my weirdness. Please do trust me, this Candied Peppers With Chilli Recipe is delicious, I beg you to try it. The sweet-savouriness of these delicious sweetmeats go wonderfully with good strong cheddar. Sugar is held up as the root of all evil at the moment, but…

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Passion Fruit Curd recipe featured image

Passion Fruit Curd Recipe

My bookshelves are groaning under the weight of my cookery books, 90% of them sweet, chocolate or baking books. One that I often flick through is Sweet Studio by Darren Purchese. Mr Purchese is from Melbourne, Australia and it is in his book that I found this Passion Fruit Curd Recipe. This is a microwave method, so you don’t have…

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Persian Cranberry Sauce Recipe featured

Persian Cranberry Sauce Recipe

So the last blog before Christmas just made the cranberry sauce. It was so easy, was the work of moments and can’t think why I haven’t done this before. So many of the TV cooks are shoving in a dollop of pomegranate molasses, the lovely Nigella is a case in point. Are you like me, unaware of what it is…

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Breakfast picnic featured image

Breakfast Picnic

So Erik chirps up, ‘Why don’t you do a breakfast picnic for your blog, I’d love that’. In so many things Erik’s word is my bond so I had to make it so. He is working from home today and tomorrow – so I’ll get this set so we can have breakfast on the beach tomorrow morning.  Little does Erik…

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bluk muffins featured image

Batch Blueberry Muffin Mix

Recently I pushed out a Blueberry Muffin Blog. Now Stan (that’s my mother-in-law) loves a blueberry muffin, especially the ones made from Betty Crocker’s Packet Mix. Can you imagine, PACKET MIX? I need to lie down with a damp cloth over my eyes to get over that one!

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ester egg pos as a gift

Easter Egg Pops

These are like cake pops, these are simple enough for you to get the kids involved. If you prepare the eggs in advance then the kids could do the dipping, sprinkling and adding the eggs, the really fun bits. A bunch of theses in a nice box would make a super Easter present, something different from a mass-produced chocolate egg.

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muffin recipe featured image

Blueberry Muffins Recipe

This recipe is one of Erik’s favourites; it is taken from Saint Nigella Of Lawson (paraphrasing Princess Di here… there are more than 3 people in this marriage – Nigella, Delia and a whole host of others!). We have fiddled around with the recipe a bit, we like to use a whole pot of natural yoghurt – so we have…

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