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Cheese And Marmite Scones

Rarely does an ingredient divide people, this love it or hate it constituent is Marmite. I know, I know it’s too high in salt, but a little goes a long way. Marmite haters out there… please give this a go. The salty tang that it brings to these scones is great but not overwhelming.

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Savoury Flapjacks (another Gluten Free One!)

So most of my readers know my Mother In Law is called Stan, that is only to me! I was going through a pile of magazines that she has and found a booklet from Age UK with this recipe in it. Stan thought it would be nice if I cooked it for her, well she needn’t think that just cause…

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Murdered Mouse Pâté

My friend Janine had a birthday party and I thought I’d make something to take to the party. But she’s not fond of sugar, I know can you imagine? So I thought I’d use my Chicken Liver Pâté recipe and give it a little twist with the use of some sugar mouse moulds. I’m serving the Murdered Mouses with crispbreads.…

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Chicken Liver Pâté

Back in the mists of time when Erik was a little boy I am told by my Mother In Law that he used to have a fondness for Chicken Livers.   Odd; I know, but none the less part of his charm. So in an effort to make something that is not cake-centric I thought I’d have a go.

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Olive Rosemary Sundried Tomato Focaccia

This Olive Rosemary Sundried Tomato Focaccia is a quick bread, ideal for a lunchtime treat. This is quicker than a lot of breads as it only has one proving, however if you have the time for a quick prove before knocking-back and adding the inclusions it would do no harm and give you a lighter loaf.

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Candied Peppers With Chilli Recipe

It has been said before that I’m a bit weird and this recipe reinforces my weirdness. Please do trust me, this Candied Peppers With Chilli Recipe is delicious, I beg you to try it. The sweet-savouriness of these delicious sweetmeats go wonderfully with good strong cheddar. Sugar is held up as the root of all evil at the moment, but…

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Cheese Chilli Cornbread Recipe

My Mother In Law (that’s Stan – to you and me – her real name is Floral), has a friend that calls her from Age UK.  Kate is a wonderful person who calls Stan once a week as part of Age UK’s befriending service called Call In Time. My Mother In Law has nothing but praise for Kate and the…

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Seedy Rye Bread Recipe

My Mother In Law is a huge fan of Liz Earle, the make-up designer. Ms Earle produces a great magazine (which Floral also enjoys), naturally I buy her the mag… you must keep your Mother In Law happy! This Seedy Rye Bread recipe comes from the latest edition and I made it for her.

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Crisp Bread Recipe

Well things have been a little quiet here on the baking front; a New Year and a newly expanding waistline have pushed baking onto a backburner for a little while. But you know me you can’t keep me out of the kitchen for long. So this time it’s simple and not sweet.  This recipe may be good for my friend…

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