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Chocolate Lime Meringues

Hopefully you can see that I love blogging & I do. But I get a boost when companies ask me to try their products. Carol from Sugar & Crumbs did just that and here is my blog in tribute to the Chocolate Lime sweets of my youth.

product sugar and crumbsSugar & Crumbs have a range of naturally flavoured Icing Sugars and Cocoa Powders. My Chocolate Lime Meringues uses their Coconut & Lime icing Sugar and their Lime Cocoa powder.

choc limesDo you remember the Chocolate Limes, a sweet of yesteryear?  This hard candy is wrapped in crinkly cellophane has a crisp sugar outer with a dark chocolate inner and this is my tribute to them. Incidentally, I get my sweet fix from A Quarter Of.

To Make My Chocolate Lime Meringues You Will Need

Chocolate Lime Meringues ingredientsFor The Meringues

  • 2 Large egg Whites
  • 125g Coconut & Lime Icing Sugar
  • 2 Tbsp Cornflour
  • Colour

Put the oven on at 120C/100Fan/250F/Gas Half. Line two baking sheets with baking parchment.

When making meringues the enemy is grease, so when separating the egg white from the yolk make sure that you don’t puncture the yolk.   Then as an extra precaution wipe the blades of your mixer with a little lemon juice (or Vinegar, not malt) on kitchen paper. Also wipe the inside of your bowl and then don’t touch them with your naked hands. Sounds a bit of a faff, but your egg whites will whisk up in no time at all

Step 1

In your scrupulously clean bowl separate two egg whites. If you are not 100% confident about this then separate the eggs 1 at a time into a clean mug or dish, then if one goes wrong you don’t have to throw it all away. Wham the mixer up to full speed and whisk until light and fluffy.add icing sugar

Mix your flavoured icing sugar with a couple of tablespoons of cornflour, this addition is there to give a soft, chewy interior to the crisp meringue. Spoon this mix into the whipped egg whites with the beaters still on full power. Once whisked into a smooth and glossy pillow of loveliness you need to add a little green colouring. I’m using a set from Lakeland, but use whatever you feel happy with, just a few drops. I mix it into a little of the meringue and fold that into the remainder of the mix.

Step 2

pipe outPile the glorious green concoction into a piping bag fitted with a 1cm or 1.5cm nozzle and on lined baking trays pipe out discs about 3cm wide. We are going to sandwich two together, so not too large.

Bake these in a very low temperature oven. Perhaps bake is the wrong word, you are cooking the egg whites, but it is more of a drying out process than a proper bake. You don’t want to add any colour to these sweet little items, when 90mins is up take one out of the oven and give it a gentle squeeze. It should be crisp enough to break but still have a soft inside.

Pop your meringues onto a wire rack to cool whilst you make the filling.

Chocolate Lime Meringues ingredients finished fillimg ingredientsFor The Filling

  • 100g Coconut & Lime Icing Sugar
  • 25g Lime Cocoa
  • 65g Soft Butter

Step 3

To mix this I use a jug, not too wide. What I want is something that keeps the mixture in contact with the mixer blades, saves you chasing the ingredients around a large bowl.

The butter needs to be nice and soft, whisk it up to be sure. Then add the flavoured icing sugar and lime cocoa then whisk this together until light and fluffy. If it gets a little claggy then add a tablespoon of warm water.  A good tip is to mix the ingredients with a spoon first.   Then cover the jug with a damp t-towel and whisk, this stops clouds of icing sugar billowing into the kitchen!

Step 4

pipe fillingPile this into a piping bag with a 1cm nozzle (or just snip off the end). Pipe about a level teaspoons worth onto the flat side of one meringue and squish another onto the buttercream. You want it to squidge out just a little

These delightful little morsels will keep in an airtight tin for several days should you be able to keep your mitts off them.

I have to admit I was wondering why you’d want to have flavoured Icing Sugars and Cocoa, but I have to admit it worked. By using the pre-flavoured product you will get consistency of flavour. You could use lime juice, but you may not get the intensity of flavour and you would be adding extra fluid to the recipe. When making buttercream the back of the pack warns that the flavour is quite strong and they suggest using half flavoured product alongside half normal icing sugar. However I went the whole hog with my recipe, I couldn’t for the life of me taste the Coconut in the Coconut and Lime Icing Sugar, but perhaps for my recipe this was no bad thing.

Making meringues with 100% icing sugar does give a dryer, crisp, almost powdery finish to the meringue. But if stored for a couple of days this does calm down. The Chocolate Lime buttercream was delicious. The whole thing is a success, my tasting panel, made up of industry experts (my family and friends!) judged them a huge success! Great flavour without being cloying and not too sweet. So it is a big thank you to Carol for sending me ingredients to try. She also sent me chilli cocoa and I’m thinking of a Hot Tamali Brownie… Keep your eyes peeled for that!

Chocolate Lime Meringues ingredients finished

For this blog I was sent 2 products from Sugar & Crumbs – 1 pack of Coconut & Lime Icing Sugar and 1 pack Lime Cocoa Powder. To see my full product placement statement follow this link.




  • Tottie from Tooting 31st July 2016 at 6:42 pm

    Yummy yum yum !!! Definitely one up on the meringues I normally make…….

    • Mark 31st July 2016 at 9:52 pm

      Not true – yours are a thing of leg-end!


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