Custard Creams

My friend Resh asked me recently when am I going to bake her a Custard Cream? There are a few sweetmeats that deserve a re-invention but Custard Cream is a classic. Resh really watches what she eats, if she is asking me to make something then you know she really wants it; who am I to deny her a simple pleasure?

Actually by the time I finished making these chocolate interpretation of Custard Creams they were not all that simple, but I think they are worth the effort, lets hope Resh agrees with me?  split the task up into managable pieces and you’ll be fine, so no worries!

To make my Custard Cream Chocolates you will need

Part 1

  • 1 Pack Strawberry Jelly
  • White Chocolate To Cover

Step 1custard creams jelly layer

Line any baking tray, roasting tin or cake tin with cling film, I’m using a posh bit of chocolate making kit, you can use anything that gives you an approximate 30 x 30cm flat surface. It does not matter if it is longer and thinner – it is the surface area we need here.

In a small saucepan measure out 8 tablespoons of water, cut your jelly up into small pieces (use scissors) cut it up smaller than the standard cube size, it will melt quicker. Put the pan on a medium heat, keep you eye on it, warm it up until the jelly is dissolved; but do not boil (it messes with the settingness). Pour this mixture out into your lined tin, you are aiming for a depth of about 2 or 3mm. Put this aside to set.

Step 2layer of chocolate

Melt and temper some white chocolate (if you need to know how to temper chocolate then see my previous blog). Allow the chocolate to cool slightly and then spread a layer on top of your jelly layer. You need to watch the chocolate, as soon as it begins to set you need to stamp out circles of chocolate and jelly. I’m using a 12mm round cutter, but if you do not have one of these simply slice the 2 layers up into 12mm squares. Leave the pieces in place until the chocolate has completely set.

Part 2

To Make a Ganache You Will Need

  • 110g White Chocolate (chips or small pieces)
  • 60g Double Cream
  • Custard Flavour Drops

Step 3flavour ganache

Break up the chocolate jelly layer slab, arrange your discs (or squares) onto baking parchment jelly side up.

Make a ganache – this sounds daunting but trust me it is simple. Pop the cream into the microwave and heat at full power for 1 min, pour this over your white chocolate… leave it 30 seconds and stir until you have a glossy smooth mixture. Add Custard flavour drops, these are available from Lakeland – I added 30 drops to my mix. The ganache needs to taste quite strong, the finished item will be enrobed in white chocolate, so the custard flavour needs to come through. Pile the flavoured mixture into a piping bag with a plain piping nozzle.

Step 4custard cream pipe ganache

Leave the piping bag to cool down, this will make the ganache firm up, so that when you pipe it the shape is held – otherwise it oozes all over the place. Pipe little ‘kisses’ shaped portions onto the jelly discs and put them in the fridge to set.

As soon as the piped section is set take them out of the fridge, we if they are too cold they will ‘shock’ the chocolate.

Step 5custard cream cover with chocolate

Melt and temper a bowl of white chocolate. One by one drop the now three layered sections into the melted chocolate to coat them. I’m using more chocolate equipment here (circular dipping forks), they make life easier – however you could use regular forks.

Lift the covered centres out of the chocolate; tap it on the side of the bowl to remove the excess chocolate. Lay the finished chocolates onto parchment paper or confectioner’s acetate and leave to set.

Custard Creme finshed

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