Glossary – I need some help!

Your Input Is Invited

I have just set up a glossary – I need some help and am starting to fill it out. As I write up recipes I will note any words that might be of use in the glossary and then try to define them.

My glossary definitions are going to be what the words mean to me and this is where you come in, if you don’t share my definition I’d like to know. I have a nephew-in-law who is a chef, so I do expect some corrections, but all of you can correct me too.

Is there anything that you would want to list? Let me know. You can comment via Facebook or my blog at the bottom of the glossary page. Keep it clean my mother may take a look.

I had a conversation at work about ‘boiling’ and ‘rolling boil’, you know who you are, so that’s in the pipeline.

If you have been thanks for reading!


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