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Jelly Babies

Yesterday was quite a big day for Erik and I. We were performing in the evening with our choir, oh and by-the-way we went off and got Married. Our American friends need to know that we had a Civil Partnership, now because of a change in the law we can now get Married.

We had a ceremony at Brighton Town Hall and our witnesses form our Civil Partnership turned up to celebrate with us! How blessed are we?

So to mark this momentous occasion I made some Wedding favours. These were dictated by Erik, but were a surprise for him. His favourite sweet is a Jelly Baby and he has a penchant for white chocolate, so naturally I had to combine the two.

jelly mouldIt all started weeks ago when I found a Jelly Baby mould on tinternet. To assist in the removal of the finished items I sprayed a tiny bit of cooking oil onto kitchen paper and then wiped around the silicone.

In the UK our Jelly is often supplied in wibbly-wobbly blocks, my US readers can use Jello and make it up with the minimum of water. I chopped my block up into small pieces and added 2 tablespoons of water, then put the pan on the heat and watched it like a hawk. You need to warm up the solution slowly to dissolve the jelly but do not let it boil as this will mess with the setting properties of the Jelly

jelly in panI put the Jelly solution into a jug and filled the cavities in the mould just to the surface; then popped them in the fridge to set.

discs of chocolateThe finished Jelly Babies were presented on a white chocolate disc. I’m not the biggest fan of white chocolate bit it is Erik’s favourite and I have to admit it shows the jelly babies off to the best advantage. To make the disc I spread tempered chocolate over the surface of confectioners’ plastic, (you could use a sheet of cling film as long as it is totally smooth). I cut out discs as just at the point when the chocolate was setting.

jelly baby finishedTraditionally jelly babies are covered with a corn starch/icing sugar mixture, I tried it and it looked dull. I made a batch of jelly babies in both black cherry and lemon flavours. And stuck them together. I presented them in round boxes lined with black tissue paper and they were very well received.

chocolate backed jelly babyAs an alternative I also made some milk chocolate jelly babies and then stuck them back-to-back with the jelly ones. They were chunky little fellows they even stood up unsupported.


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