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Make a paper piping cone

If you are piping small details or little decorations then you can get piping bags that are re-useable, these are quite frankly a pain to wash out and get ready to use again, honestly I cannot be bothered. You could choose to buy mini disposable bags, but it really is an unnecessary expense. All you need is a little piece of baking parchment and one, or perhaps two practices!

Step 1

fold diagonaly and slit along fold

Start by cutting an oblong of parchment paper from the roll. Fold it in half diagonally.

Slit along the fold with a knife (quicker than getting the scissors out). Once you are practiced making these disposable piping bags you can bash them out, make up a dozen at a time ready to go.



Step 2

pick up corner and roll over

With the longest edge furthest away from you pick up one of the corners and roll it over so that it starts to make a cone with the point in the centre of the longest edge.

On the top of this pair of images I’m showing you where the point of the cone will be on the finished item (just for clarity). Hold this first curl in place and take up the last corner.



Stpe 3

Roll over 1 edge

Take the final corner and wrap it all the way around the cone shape.



Step 4

slide layers over eachother

Once you have the cone shape defined you need to make sure the tip is totally closed off. To do this slide the layers of paper over each other with a back and forth/rotary motion. Once the end is sealed off the cone will feel more stable and less likely to leak in use.



Step 5

Tuck in edges and fold

Fold over the top pointy edges of the paper into the center of the piping cone to secure them.



Step 6

put cone in cup and fill

Fill your cone with chocolate or icing – pop the cone into a glass or cup to support it upright, and you then have 2 hands free for filling. Take care not to overfill the cone.

Then fold over the top edges to push the icing towards the tip.



Snip off end and useStep 7

Cut off the tip of the cone (cut to the desired width of your piping) and you are ready to go.

I use baking parchment on a roll from Lakeland, £7.99 for a 45M roll.

For piping large quantities rather than making a piping cone I would recommend Lakeland’s ‘get a grip’ bags. These have a rough outer surface making the bag easier to hold, even if your hands are a little messy!