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Passion Fruit Curd Recipe

My bookshelves are groaning under the weight of my cookery books, 90% of them sweet, chocolate or baking books. One that I often flick through is Sweet Studio by Darren Purchese. Mr Purchese is from Melbourne, Australia and it is in his book that I found this Passion Fruit Curd Recipe.

This is a microwave method, so you don’t have to stand over a bain-marie whisking, whisking and whisking. The finished curd packs a tart refreshing zing of flavour; the passion fruit pulp is sieved and then reduced to intensify the taste.

As a proper pastry chef Darren gives a weight of eggs, I’m giving you a number of large eggs, but once you have cracked them and whisked them you really should weigh out what you need, grown up pastry chefs are so much more precise than a lot of home bakers.

To make this Passion Fruit Curd Recipe you will need

  • Sieved Juice of 15 Passion Fruitpassion Fruit Curd Recipe ingredients
  • 165g Eggs, room temperature, beaten (aprox 3 eggs)
  • 150g Caster Sugar
  • 100g Unsalted Butter at room temp
  • 4g leaf gelatine – soaked and drained or 2Tbsp Agar

Step 1

passioun fruit curd recipe sieveScoop out the flesh from the 15 Passion Fruit into a sieve, using the back of a spoon press the fleshy pulp through the sieve into a saucepan – leaving the pesky pips behind.

Pop the Passion Fruit juice onto a medium heat and boil. Keep boiling until reduced to roughly 100g, (see note below) empty reduced juice into a microwavable bowl.

I do wish TV chefs were reading this; they need to cease and desist, get a grip and stop annoying me. They talk about reducing DOWN! How can anything reduce any other way, you cannot reduce up or reduce to stay the same. I’m not good at grandma (I know… grammar) and my speeling is rubish, but this tautology gets my goat every time. And breathe… we’re back in the room.

Step 2

2 whiskAdd Sugar, Eggs, Butter to the Passion Fruit, mix together with a hand whisk until combined put this mix in the microwave for 20 seconds whisk and then put it back in for another 20 seconds – whisking every time. Repeat this until the mix is thick and bubbling, this whole whisking process should not take longer than 5 mins, but microwaves do differ.

Step 3

3 gelatineAdd the soaked, softened, flobbery gelatine and whisk until dissolved. I always choose to pass any gelatine mix through a sieve; coming across a nugget of gel is not a nice discovery.

Step 4

4 steralise jarsPour the curd into sterilised jars, you need to work whist the jars and their lids are still hot. Screw down the lids and allow to cool before labelling. I purchased small jars from Lakeland, they are just over 100g and this mix made 5 portions so I had plenty to give as gifts, once opened you do need to keep them in the fridge, but it is a small jar and in my experience they don’t hang around for long!

You have to ensure that your jars are 100% clean.  Wash amd rinse both jars and lids, then put them in a pan and boil them for 5 mins, tip the water away and they will dry very quickly.  Do not be tempted to dry them with a cloth as you may contaminate them.  you can also take them straight from your sdishwasher – but the pan method is better for me.  Fill them whilst the mix and the jar are still hot and then as they cool the air space inside the jar will contract and give a good seal.

Passion Fruit Curd recipe finished


  • David Hetzel 16th April 2016 at 4:13 pm

    Looks and sound delicious! We should all give it a try.
    Thanks, Mark.

  • Rev Mother 17th April 2016 at 4:21 pm

    Absolutely yummy. The flavour is quite unique.

    On good vanilla ice cream with tiny meringues it is to die for.

    Another triumph, clever boy!

    Rev. Mother xxx.

    • Mark 18th April 2016 at 8:13 am

      From someone who is such a good cook these are kind words indeed!


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