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Sherbet Lemon Marshmallow Recipe

There is a filthy rumour that some people missed out on my Sherbet Lemon Marshmallow Recipe, so here it is again. If you have already seen it… have you made it? Yummm.

You could not claim I have a sweet tooth, really, honestly, truly… however I do have a sweet tongue, gums and lots of sweet fillings! So it may come as a surprise to those of you that know me that sometimes I find some sweets a little (wait for it…) sweet! So why not go for a Sherbet Lemon Marshmallow Recipe?

How many of us remember buying a bag of sherbet, licking our finger and dibbling it in the fizzy, tangy crystals? It was only a matter of time before the bag was soggy and your finger, chops and tongue were dyed a luminous shade. So this is perfect for me, the zing of lemon in a pillow of soft fluffiness backed up by the zip and zing of lemon sherbet.

Health warning – this Sherbet Lemon Marshmallow Recipe uses hot sugar – do ask a responsible adult to help you. If you are thought of as an adult ask yourself are you responsible?

This Sherbet Lemon Marshmallow Recipe was found in Miss Hope & Mr Greenwood’s book Sweets – get it from Amazon

To make this Sherbet Lemon Marshmallow Recipe you will need

  • 450g Granulated White SugarSherbet Lemon Marshmallow recipe ingredients
  • 1 Tbsp Liquid Glucose
  • 200ml Water
  • 1 Sachet Powdered Gelatine
  • 100ml Warm Water
  • Grated Zest and Juice of 2 Lemons
  • 2 Large Egg Whites
  • Yellow Food Colouring

To decorate

  • 100g Lemon Sherbet
  • Cornflour to Dust

Before you start

Line a 20cm square baking tin with baking parchment, using a sieve sprinkle a layer of cornflour onto the bottom of the lined tin.

You will need a freshly washed mixing bow and beaters (for the egg whites), get this ready before you start and then do not touch the inside of the bowl or the beaters as the grease from your fingers can stop the egg whites whisking up.

Step 1

boil sugarPut the sugar and the water into a large heavy based non-stick pan along with the liquid glucose. The glucose is important, the addition of this small amount of syrup helps the rest of the sugar stay in a molten state and not re-crystallise – so please do not omit it! Put the pan on a medium heat and allow the sugar to dissolve, then boil gently. Put your sugar thermometer into the solution and let it boil until it reaches 127C (that’s 260F) – this should take about 25-30mins.

When working with hot sugar you should always use a heavy bottomed pan and it should NOT be non-stick. Non-stick pans make it very likely for the sugar to fall out of solution and turn into a granular mess, so avoid them in this case.

Step 2

Sprinkle the powdered gelatine over 100ml warm water and whisk together.

zest lemonsZest the 2 lemons, I used my favourite microplane, this gives thin pieces of zest, very fine, but too long for this recipe. When I was whisking the final mixture the threads of zest collected on the mixer blades, if you use a fine grater you get smaller pieces that won’t clump onto the blades.

Once you have zested the lemons squeeze the juice out of them into the same bowl as the lemon zest. Then mix the lemon zest and juice with the gelatine – make sure they are well combined.

Step 3

Using a mixer with a large bowl and balloon whisk whip the egg whites until they are stiff.

pour sugar mix into eggOnce the sugar hits the correct temperature take it off the heat and add the lemon gelatine solution – take a lot of care as this will bubble up. With the mixer working on high dribble the hot sugar mixture down the side of the bowl (do not drip the mix onto the mixer blades – as this will give you sugar strands.

At this stage do not touch the mixer bowl – it will be extremely hot.

Step 4

add yellowAdd the food colouring to your desired shade of yellow. Leave this mixture to whisk on full speed for 25-30mins. Tip this light glossy mixture into the prepared lined tray.

Leave to set somewhere cool and dry (not in the fridge) for a minimum of 2 hours – I left mine overnight.

Step 5

slice sherbet lemon marshmallow recipe upDust cornflour onto a chopping board; slide a knife down the side of the block of mallow and pull off the baking parchment, top the block off with more cornflour.

Slice the mallow up into cubes using a wet knife dipped into boiling water.

Toss the cubes into the sherbet crystals and they will stick onto the wet sides. Leave the marshmallows to dry before packing in an airtight tin.

marshmallow finished

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