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chocolate bombe with mirror glaze featured

Chocolate Mousse Bombe With Mirror Glaze

Ok so I’m falling prey to fads, but the fashion for mirror glazes has not passed me by. So her we go with my Chocolate Mousse Bombe With Mirror Glaze. I have chosen a mango glaze over a chocolate item; this will make the chocolate shine without turning it yellow. Using this same glaze over white chocolate or cheesecake would…

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mark a great student

Sea Salt Caramel Meringues

I have to encourage people trying to bake and my friend Mark, a fellow Baritone from our Chorus posted a picture of his first attempt at making Meringues, it didn’t go well. I invited him over to my house and we made meringues together. I have to say he is a Grade A student! I am no expert, I have…

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cut chocolate

Fresh Mango Chocolates (Gluten Free)

I have been asked by several of my blog followers about the making of chocolates. So here goes with Fresh Mango Chocolates. I intend showing you several ways of making chocolates. Some using moulds, some using pre-formed chocolate shells and others that you can make just by using your hands with no special equipment.  This one uses pre-moulded shells as…

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