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Raspberry Meringue Nests featured image

Raspberry Meringue Nests (Gluten Free)

I made this last Bank Holiday as it was Easter and the parents were visiting, so pudding was called for. Easter Eggs are a non-starter as my mother cannot eat chocolate… I know; can you imagine?!? So here we go with Raspberry Meringue Nests, a little cream, meringue and fresh fruit, what’s not to like?

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A Metre Of Musical Cake

This blog is about decorating a Metre of Musical Cake. In January Erik and I joined Brighton’s Gay Mens Chorus, over the years we have been to their performances in and around Brighton, they are superb and we thought… could we? Should we?

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Make a paper piping cone featured image

Make a paper piping cone

If you are piping small details or little decorations then you can get piping bags that are re-useable, these are quite frankly a pain to wash out and get ready to use again, honestly I cannot be bothered. You could choose to buy mini disposable bags, but it really is an unnecessary expense. All you need is a little piece of…

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