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lemon polenta gluten free cake featured image

Gluten Free Lemon Polenta Cake

Every now and then Erik hosts a committee meeting for our choir.  He has signed up to be the Secretary for the choir and when he is the host I feel honour bound to bake something, however, I’d just like to point out that this is not a tradition and it will not be happening every time. All said and…

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Sherbet Lemon Marshmallow Recipe featured image

Sherbet Lemon Marshmallow Recipe

There is a filthy rumour that some people missed out on my Sherbet Lemon Marshmallow Recipe, so here it is again. If you have already seen it… have you made it? Yummm. You could not claim I have a sweet tooth, really, honestly, truly… however I do have a sweet tongue, gums and lots of sweet fillings! So it may…

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Passion Fruit Curd recipe featured image

Passion Fruit Curd Recipe

My bookshelves are groaning under the weight of my cookery books, 90% of them sweet, chocolate or baking books. One that I often flick through is Sweet Studio by Darren Purchese. Mr Purchese is from Melbourne, Australia and it is in his book that I found this Passion Fruit Curd Recipe. This is a microwave method, so you don’t have…

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lemon easter egg recipe featured image

Lemon Easter Egg Recipe

Graeme, a friend of mine, is coming over for lunch and he has a soft spot for a lemon pudding. I look on this as a challenge as for some bizarre reason he doesn’t like chocolate, yes I said doesn’t! I know, who knew? With Easter upon us it is time for me to get creative with an egg and…

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